• Analysis and assessment
    of the company's situation

    Focused primarily on companies with below expected performance, the objective is to identify the causes of weak performance and obtain a clear view of the expected short and medium term effects in order to make more informed decisions.

    The goal is the rapid definition of an action plan through the analysis of available financial and operational information and meetings with the management team. 

  • Design and implementation of
    feasibility plans

    Preparation of restructuring plans, business plans and refinancing proposals that ensure
    the feasibility of the company. Presentation, argumentation and negotiation of the plans
    with shareholders, banks, creditors and/or potential investors. Support to the management team in the implementation of the plans: organizational changes, collective dismissals, cost reductions, divestments, negotiation with suppliers, debt restructuring. Identification and implementation of urgent actions.

  • Pre-insolvency or
    insolvency management

    Analysis of cash position and forecast, due payments and cash flow generation to identify
    pre-insolvency or insolvency situations. Design of the appropriate strategy for the
    insolvency proceedings (creditor agreements, sale of business units, liquidation,…). Support to the Directors and the management team in the preparation of the insolvency proceedings in coordination with the company’s counsel. Support in the management of the insolvency of the company and the interaction with the Trustee or insolvency administrator.

  • Interim Management

    CEO, CRO and CFO position. Assumption of responsibilities on a temporary basis in post-acquisitions, carve out of subsidiaries or business units or special situations such as turnarounds or crisis. Design and implementation of an operational and/or financial restructuring plan in close coordination with the Board and management team of the company, so that existing managers can focus on the daily run of the business. Support in the transition to a permanent management team.

  • Corporate Directors

    Assumption of company director responsibilities (Sole Director, Member of Board of Directors) including executive positions when needed. Representation of investors in Boards of Directors of portfolio companies. Replacement of Board of Directors in companies in special situations or in orderly liquidation processes. We are not Court or insolvency Trustees.

  • Advisory Boards

    Recurrent advisory to shareholders, Directors and/or managers of companies in growth
    projects or special situations, providing a business and financial point of view as a
    complement to other advisor profiles (sales, production, etc).

  • Corporate transactions and
    support to M&A or Legal advisors

    Understanding of the situation of the company for a potential M&A or capital increase transaction. Opinion on the feasibility and structure of the deal from the company´s inside. Work in coordination with M&A or Legal advisors retained by the company. Monitoring of the business performance, control of decisions and cash management during the deal process, preparation and review of information for potential investors supplementing the management team. Pre due diligence and support after the purchase by the new shareholder.

  • Distressed M&A

    Advisory on the acquisition or sale of companies in special situations (companies with a need of
    turnaround, loss-making businesses, pre-insolvency situations) or of businesses in insolvency

  • Acquisition of businesses
    Private Equity

    Acquisition of non-core businesses of conglomerates or financial sponsors, businesses in special situations, or companies without a complete management team. Long-term industrial approach to investments, assuming an active role in the administration or management of the business.